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109. NEW ENGLAND RAIN  36 x 30.jpg



When I was 10 years old, I helped design my grandmother's burial stone. From that moment on, I knew that art would be a major factor in my life.  Growing up in Lee, Ma. I lived within a 15 minute bike ride to Norman Rockwell's Art Studio in Stockbridge, MA.  I would ride there whenever I could and dreamed of the day  I would become an artist like him.

I pursued art in college for a few years but never as a full major.  I just liked doing it.  Once I graduated and received my first teaching job, an art position opened and I took it.  That summer I went back to college to finish up more courses in art to be certified as a secondary art instructor.  After enjoying a teaching career of 38 years in Texas high schools, I retired and am now pursuing my lifelong dream of being that artist I always wanted to be as a young boy. This is only the beginning of that dream.  Life is good.




I have always been intrigued with both visual and actual textures so I love exploring what different textural methods and materials can do to enhance contemporary abstraction. Each painting explores the art and design of this element of art.



My inspiration has always been landscapes and atmospheric perspectives and how they make you feel when you look at them. Different viewpoints give you different feelings.  Sometimes they come from my past travel experiences and othertimes they come from my thoughts and just appear on the canvas while I do them.

20. BERKSHIRE MEMORIES A Morning Walk to
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