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Growing up in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts I was inspired by the

natural beauty of the area as well as visits to the Norman Rockwell’s studio

and museum nearby. His depiction of American life inspired me to pursue art

as a possible career.

In college I took a variety of art courses to improve my skills and continued

painting as a hobby. After graduation, I started teaching art classes in a

variety of secondary schools for the next 37 years. Once I retired in 2017, I

had an art studio built in our backyard where I now pursue my lifelong dream

of being that artist I always wanted to be as a young boy.


I always been intrigued with both visual and actual textures so I love

exploring what different textural methods and materials can do to enhance

contemporary abstraction. Each painting explores the art and design of this

element of art using acrylics and pastes. I do occasionally come back to my

realism style of painting scenes from my years in Massachusetts. I enjoy

painting scenes that remind me of those good old days where days seemed

filled with exploration and nature.

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Your painting touched my heart in a way I cannot explain.


I just now looked at your website! I love it all! You are so talented and I could roll around in your colors and brush strokes! I like that your ART has depth and power. It brings me happiness with all the colors and a safe feeling when I look deeper....it's very comforting to look, stare and view it all.


The versatility of your talent is spectacular!